“When a Guy Says He’s Not Boyfriend Material”: How to Respond and Make the Best Decision for Your Relationship

What’s Up? What’s The Issue?

Hey Soul Bonding Love,

So uh, yeah. I’ve got myself into a bit of a love pickle and need a helping hand. My name’s Breanna, just moved to New York and all its shiny hustle-bustle about 6 months ago. I’m originally from Nebraska – total cowgirl at heart.

Anyways, I met this guy Jake at my new job (I work as an interior designer for a quirky little start-up). We were paired together on a project and sparks began to fly immediately. He was so fun, charming, and had these captivating hazel eyes that melted my mid-western heart. Let’s just say the last few months have been filled with laughter-filled office banter, sneaky lunchtime hangouts and coffee breaks that lasted way too long.

My friends have started jokingly calling us ‘work married’. His friends tease him with the same term too! We are practically inseparable. Life feels like it’s straight out of one of those over-dramatic rom-coms that I unabashedly love.

Here comes the twist though: A couple weeks ago after hanging out at his place (we ended up binge-watching ‘Friends’, classic!), as we were saying our goodbyes he suddenly blurts out “Bree… you need to know something…I’m not boyfriend material”. He looked genuinely distressed telling me which left me in quite a shock.

It’s been baffling me every day since then. What does he mean? Is it some deep-rooted commitment issue? His past maybe? Do we need to take it slow or is this code for ‘I don’t see us being more than friends’? It’d really help if you could give me some clarity with this ambiguous phrase.

Should I give it time or is this his way of letting me down gently? It has made things pretty awkward now at work and our coffee breaks are not quite what they used to be!

Hoping you can help make sense of what “not being boyfriend material” actually means!


The Raw And Honest Truth I Would Give To My Little Sis…

If you were my little sis, Breanna, I’d tell you that we can’t exactly read people’s minds. But what we can do is listen to their words and observe their actions. When Jake said he’s “not boyfriend material”, he was trying to communicate something important about himself. And sweetie, it’s crucial that you hear him loud and clear.

Firstly, people say things like this for a variety of reasons: it could indeed be commitment issues, fears from past relationships or simply an acknowledgement that he doesn’t want the same things you do in a relationship. The whole ‘boyfriend material’ thing usually boils down to someone saying they might not be capable or willing to give the emotional support or commitment that is expected in a serious relationship.

He may genuinely care for you but knows deep down he can’t (or isn’t ready to) meet your expectations of a romantic relationship. It’s also possible he sees his own flaws more vividly than others do and thinks he may not be good enough for you.

Or unfortunately, yes it could mean ‘I don’t see us being more than friends’. But what matters is how this declaration affects your dynamic moving forward.

Honesty is key here. Talk to him about what he meant when he said those words – did it come out of fear, insecurity or disinterest? It’s important for both of you to express your feelings openly so there’s no misunderstanding between the two of you.

At the end of the day, remember: You deserve someone who considers themselves lucky to have earned the role as your boyfriend. Someone who ain’t just “material” but stellar! You’re an amazing cowgirl-cum-New Yorker who deserves nothing less than love – with all its complications and moments of pure joy.
Don’t settle for anything less than complete respect and love!
One last thing – whatever happens between you two going forward, maintain professionalism at work because work life shouldn’t interfere with personal sentiments.

With all my love,
Your imaginary big sis

Let’s get a deeper analysis, though…

Decoding His Words: “I’m Not Boyfriend Material”

“I’m not boyfriend material.” It’s a fairly simple statement, but the underlying meanings can be quite complex. When a guy says this, there are various possible interpretations hidden beneath those five little words.

Firstly, his use of the phrase “boyfriend material” suggests he doesn’t consider himself suitable for a committed romantic relationship. But why would he think so? Let’s dive in.

Where is He Coming From?

When trying to decipher this kind of self-deprecating statement, it’s essential to consider his background and emotional state. Has he had negative experiences in past relationships that have made him shy away from commitment? This could be his way of protecting both you and himself from further emotional distress.

Alternatively, is he struggling with low self-esteem or self-worth issues? Saying “I’m not boyfriend material” might be his subconscious cry for reassurance or validation.

Possible Intentions Behind His Words

Surely, when someone verbalizes their perceived inadequacies in such a blatant manner, there must be an intent behind it. Is he trying to set expectations early before things get serious?

Perhaps he might see this as an ‘out’, a disclaimer of sorts if things go pear-shaped down the line. It could also be an avoidance tactic – by claiming inadequacy upfront; it saves him from having to face any deeper issues that may present themselves later on.

In other cases though, it could simply indicate vulnerability and honesty; maybe he acknowledges his flaws and wants to work on them before embarking on something meaningful with you.

The Impact of Modern Dating

The modern dating scene has its unique set of challenges – one being the fear of commitment seen in many young people today. Easy access to multiple potential partners through social media and dating apps has created an environment where being ‘tied down’ is sometimes seen as limiting rather than rewarding.

If your guy grew up immersed in this culture, saying “I’m not boyfriend material” might just reflect societal pressures rather than personal feelings or beliefs about relationships.

Making Your Decision: Putting Yourself First

Armed with these insights into what your beau might mean when he claims not to be “boyfriend material”, how do you respond?

Firstly remind yourself that no matter the reason behind his confession; whether it’s past trauma or societal pressure – your feelings matter too! You should never feel obliged to settle for less or fix someone else’s insecurities at the expense of your own happiness.

Take some time out for introspection – What are YOU looking for in a relationship? Does HE meet those needs?

Remember – open communication is key! So take this opportunity to sit him down and discuss what you both want out of your connection. A heart-to-heart conversation just might clear up any misunderstandings and bring clarity about where you stand in each other’s lives.

When A Guy Says He Not Boyfriend Material: What Next?

What was said has been said… so what next?

When He Drops the “Not Boyfriend Material” Bomb

It’s never easy when a guy you’re interested in says he’s not boyfriend material. This can feel like the ultimate rejection, but it’s important to remember that this is his issue, not yours. He may be being honest about his own limitations or using it as an excuse to avoid commitment.
Whichever it is, avoid taking it personal and instead try to analyze what he is really expressing.

The Art of Processing Your Emotions

In the face of such revelation, your first step should be to allow yourself some space and time to process your emotions. Give yourself permission to feel upset or disappointed; these feelings are natural and valid. Remember not to rush into making any immediate decisions about your situation.

Communication: A Key Ingredient

If you’re feeling confused or hurt by his statement, open up a dialog with him about it. Ensure you express exactly how you’re feeling without blaming or getting overly emotional. Ask him openly for an explanation on why he thinks he’s not ‘boyfriend material’.

Analyzing His Reasons: A Self-Reflection Moment

The reasons a man might consider himself not boyfriend material can vary dramatically. It could range from past relationship trauma or commitment issues; whatever the reason might be, take time out to reflect on his reason(s). You need to determine if there are red flags that indicate potential future heartbreak.

Your Future: Making an Informed Decision

This could be a defining moment for your potential relationship with him; hence, ensure your decision is an informed one based on facts rather than feelings alone. Even though you might have strong feelings for him, remember that being in a relationship with someone who doesn’t think they’re good enough could lead down a road filled with constant reassurances and insecurity from both parties.

Taking Care of Yourself: The Essential Step

No matter what happens next in this situation, remember that taking care of yourself emotionally should always come first before anyone else’s needs. Don’t compromise your happiness trying to fix someone who isn’t ready for what you are offering.

Moving Forward: Stay Open-Minded

Last but definitely not least – stay open-minded! It’s entirely possible someone better suited for you is waiting right around the corner! Stay positive and know that just because one person doesn’t see themselves as boyfriend material doesn’t mean others won’t either!

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Further Advice…

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