My Wife Isn’t Attracted To Me Anymore: What Should I Do? Here Are 8 Tips To Help.

Feeling like your wife has lost her attraction for you can be disheartening. But there are things you can do to reconnect and reignite the spark in your relationship.

1. Take a step back

If your wife seems disconnected, taking some space could allow you both to gain perspective. This doesn’t have to mean separation, but just time apart to reflect on what has happened and how it has impacted your feelings towards one another.

Spending less time together gives you both breathing room to think about what hasn’t been working in the relationship. It also removes some pressure and lets her miss you. Use the time apart to consider how you may have contributed to her losing attraction. And remember that giving space doesn’t mean you have given up – it’s just a reset.

2. Communicate openly and honestly

Having an open and calm discussion about why she may have lost interest can lead to understanding what needs to change. Avoid blame, and focus on resolving issues together moving forward.

Pick a neutral time when you are both calm to have an open dialogue. Don’t attack or blame, but use “I feel…” statements to share you have noticed her lack of interest. Ask questions to understand why she may feel differently and if she has any resentments or critiques. Most importantly, listen without defensiveness. Understanding where her feelings are coming from is key for both of you to move forward.

Make sure to also share what you need from her, but without demands or ultimatums. Explain how you have been impacted by the shift in intimacy. Mutual understanding and compromise are essential to get your relationship back on track.

3. Make couple time a priority

Date nights and activities outside the routine create excitement. Making couple time reminds you both why you were attracted in the first place.

Life and responsibilities can easily take over and push the relationship to the back burner. Making dedicated couple time shows your relationship is still a priority. Do the activities you both enjoyed when you first got together – dress up for dinner out, be tourists in your own town for a day, take a weekend trip. It doesn’t have to be expensive or elaborate, just different from the norm.

Laughing, adventuring, and making memories together redirects focus back to “us”. It reignites positive feelings and that youthful spark. Make more eye contact, be playful and affectionate. Rediscover what made you such a good fit in the first place.

4. Show interest in her interests

Even if her hobbies don’t interest you, showing appreciation makes her feel valued. This goes a long way when someone feels neglected.

Ask your wife about her interests, hobbies, passions – and really listen when she tells you. Even if it’s not something you enjoy yourself, you can still engage by asking questions and letting her share details with you.

Offer to participate once in awhile in something she loves. Go to a museum you know she’d enjoy, even if history puts you to sleep. Let her explain the plotlines of her favorite shows to you. Showing initiative to direct positive energy towards her interests makes her feel supported.

And shared new experiences, even in activities just one of you is into, can still connect you in new ways. Stepping outside your comfort zone builds relationship equity. So be open-minded and you might just have fun.

5. Express daily gratitude

Heartfelt compliments build intimacy through open communication. Consistently expressing appreciation creates security to discuss issues.

Don’t just think about how lucky you are to have your wife – tell her every day. Expressing verbal appreciation is like water for growing seeds of positive feelings. Even a simple “You look nice today” or “Thanks for making dinner” shows you notice her efforts.

Compliment aspects other than her appearance too – from how she cares for your kids, to work projects she crushes. Appreciation for just who she is as a person has deep impact.

Gratitude opens lines of communication between partners. It breaks down barriers of resentment that may have built slowly over time without you even noticing. Opening these lines with positivity enables difficult discussions from a place of goodwill rather than criticism.

6. Prioritize physical intimacy

Affection shouldn’t take a backseat, especially in long-term marriages. Dedicated couple time makes wonders happen inside and outside the bedroom.

Touch is an important connector between partners – hugs, back rubs, hand-holding. Don’t let the chaos of life crowd out small daily intimacy. It enhances oxytocin production which biologically bonds couples. Reintroduce affection without the pressure of it always leading to sex.

Creatively make opportunities for one-on-one time together – sneak in a living room dance party for two while dinner cooks, schedule a weekly bath or shower together. Intimate activities release feel-good chemicals and get you laughing together.

Dedicated couple time sans devices, kids or distractions builds desire. Even just laying together intimately chatting helps beat relationship ruts. Prioritizing intimacy keeps your connection strong through all of life’s ups and downs.

7. Seek professional help if needed

If you’ve tried resolving problems yourselves without success, counseling provides tools for dealing with issues in the future.

If efforts to reconnect have still left you unsure about the future of your marriage, seeking professional support can help gain clarity. A marriage counselor facilitates productive communication by creating a safe space.

In sessions, take turns openly sharing your feelings and perspectives without interruption from the other. The counselor also provides an objective third-party view to help identify core issues or patterns. Getting everything out in the open is the first step towards developing strategies for positive change.

You’ll also learn new relationship skills – conflict resolution tactics, intimacy building techniques, preventing future disconnection. Approaching problems as a team rather than opponents is crucial. Counseling equips you both with an arsenal of tools so you emerge stronger than ever.

8. Don’t Give Up Too Soon

Reigniting attraction in a long-term relationship takes perseverance. Implementing changes and resets will take time and consistency before seeing results.

Don’t expect that a single heart-to-heart or date night will instantly restore passion. However, if efforts lead nowhere after the initial attempts, it may be time to re-evaluate next steps.

But if there are still glimmers of hope, keep nurturing intimacy. Do your part in applying relationship learnings with patience and grace. Growth happens slowly, then all at once. One day you’ll realize how far you’ve come.

With open communication, self-work, and commitment to consistency, you can revive a disconnected marriage. Don’t lose hope that you can rediscover that spark and fall in love all over again.

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