Is My Wife (Or Partner) Pregnant? 8 Signs To Look Out For

Is My Wife (Or Partner) Pregnant? 8 Signs To Look Out For

Even the most attentive of partners can find it difficult to tell if their wife or partner is pregnant.

Whether you’ve been trying for a while, or it was an unexpected surprise, there are some subtle signs that can help you determine whether your wife is indeed expecting.

Here we take a look at eight common signs of pregnancy and what to do if these indicators ring true for your situation.

Missed Periods

The first obvious sign that your wife may be pregnant is the absence of her period.

Missed periods are one of the earliest indications that she could be expecting, although other factors such as stress and dietary changes can also play a role in delaying menstruation.

If your partner has skipped two consecutive cycles then this should certainly raise alarm bells – especially if combined with other symptoms discussed below – and prompt further investigation into whether they are indeed pregnant.

Nausea & Morning Sickness

Another early symptom of pregnancy which many women experience is nausea, commonly referred to as morning sickness due to its propensity to occur shortly after waking up each day.

Nausea usually begins around six weeks into gestation but can start much sooner; some women feel sick from almost immediately after conceiving! While mild nausea during late mornings isn’t always indicative of pregnancy, more severe cases should lead you both towards taking a test just in case!

Sore Breasts & Tender Nipples

As babies grow inside their mother’s womb so too does the body prepare itself for childbirth by producing hormones like progesterone and hCG which cause breasts become larger and more tender than usual during early stages before fully maturing later on down the line when milk production increases significantly closer to delivery time.


As such sore nipples and enlarged breasts could offer another indication that something special might be happening within her belly!

Frequent Urination & Fatigue

Expecting mothers often find themselves needing frequent toilet breaks due to increased pressure being placed on their bladder which causes them discomfort as well as making them feel fatigued throughout prolonged bouts spent away from home – all thanks again due burgeoning hormone levels impacting blood circulation!.

It’s important not ignore any sudden shifts in energy levels or bathroom habits otherwise even minor issues could develop bigger problems along way down road!.

Food Cravings & Aversions

Women who suddenly find themselves developing strange cravings – anything from pickles dipped in peanut butter through flourless chocolate cake – might take this as yet another sign they’re carrying baby inside them!.

Similarly experiencing strong feelings aversion certain foods previously enjoyed without issue could point same direction too though remember not every woman will react same way so don’t jump conclusions either quite yet.



Weight Gain

One final giveaway clue that someone’s about expect bundle joy soon comes form sudden weight gain occurring over short space time.


This usually happens gradually throughout entire length nine months although drastic change few kilos now would suggest something out ordinary underway.


Taking all above information together should give clearer picture whatever state things currently stand with regards potential impending arrival new addition family.


Hopefully conclusion reached happy one ultimately only thing matters end day regardless outcome!:

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