Take The Quiz: Is My (Husband/Wife/Boyfriend/Girlfriend) Bipolar? Find Out Now!

Take The Quiz: Is My (Husband/Wife/Boyfriend/Girlfriend) Bipolar? Find Out Now!

Do you feel like your partner is acting differently than they used to? Are there new behaviors that have you worried about their mental health? If so, it’s possible your significant other could be bipolar.

But how can you know for sure?

To help, we created a short quiz designed to give you an idea of whether or not your (husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend) might be living with bipolar disorder.

This quiz won’t give a definitive answer – only a qualified medical professional can do that – but it will provide guidance and resources to help if the results are concerning.

Let’s get started!

What Does Bipolar Disorder Look Like in Adults?

Bipolar disorder is characterized by changes in mood and energy levels that last for periods of days or weeks at a time.

When someone has bipolar disorder, they may experience episodes of manic behavior followed by depressive episodes.

Manic behavior tends to involve elevated energy levels, reckless decisions and impulsive behavior; depression involves low energy levels, feelings of hopelessness and withdrawal from others.

It’s important to note that many people who live with bipolar disorder don’t fit neatly into these categories; symptoms can vary widely depending on the individual and severity of their condition.

How Can I Tell if My Partner is Bipolar?

It’s not always easy to tell when someone has bipolar disorder since its symptoms often look similar to those associated with other conditions such as depression or anxiety disorders.

That said, some signs may indicate that someone is living with this condition include: extreme shifts in moods (from mania to depression); drastic increases in risk taking; grandiose thinking; insomnia; poor decision making skills; rapid speech patterns; increased irritability during highs and apathy during lows; problems concentrating or focusing on tasks even when motivated appropriately etc… Knowing what signs and symptoms are associated with this condition can help identify potential issues sooner rather than later which may lead better management options over time – especially if caught early enough before habits become ingrained through long term cycles of mania > hypomania > depression > mixed episode states etc.


What Should I Do if I Think My Partner Might Have Bipolar Disorder?

If the results from our quiz suggest your (husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend) might have bi-polar then first off remember it’s okay! No matter what this journey looks like know there are treatments available out there right now which have been proven effective at managing the effects day-to-day while helping maintain healthy relationships between partners too — all throughout treatment process — thanks largely due availability modern pharmacological therapies available today along side psychotherapy counseling services as well combined together offering effective support system anyone dealing directly w bi polar related issues within personal relationship settings alike here on out moving fwd.



The next step should be talking openly about any concerns either party might have regarding one another’s mental health — doing best encourage honest dialogue between both individuals helps ensure everyone involved gets most accurate understanding situation hand thereby able make informed choices collectively about desired paths forward going forth resolving any underlying issues identified within context given mutual partnership & beyond…

Finally recommend seeking evaluation from licensed psychiatrist specializing areas related diagnosis & treatment surrounding bi polar affective disorders order receive official diagnosis based upon evidence based criteria established medical field overall—aside getting more information needed coming up w viable plan care allow each person involved continue functioning effectively across different aspects life while managing mood swings experienced thru course duration ongoing disease state itself respectively hereon end.




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