What To Do If You Suspect Your Spouse Is Poisoning You

Is My Husband Poisoning Me? What To Do Next
Are you feeling unwell and suspect that your significant other may be poisoning you? Although it’s a rare occurrence, it is still possible.

If you fear that your spouse may be trying to harm you with poison, then there are certain steps that need to be taken in order to protect yourself.

Read on for the necessary steps if you think your husband or wife is poisoning you.

Recognize Signs of Poising

The first thing to do when suspicious of being poisoned by a loved one is realizing the signs associated with poisoning.

Depending on what kind of toxin has been used, symptoms can range from nausea, vomiting and diarrhea all the way up to paralysis or death in severe cases.

It’s important not only for your own health and safety but also so that if medical attention needs to be sought out, doctors can properly diagnose and treat any symptoms related to suspected poisoning quickly and effectively.

Gather Evidence

If after recognizing signs of poising suspicion remains high then gathering evidence should come next in line as this will help solidify whether or not an individual was indeed poisoned by their significant other as well as shed light onto how they were poisoned in general terms such as through food or drink consumption etcetera.


Taking pictures/videos can also help collect evidence which could later prove useful when taking action against the perpetrator either legally or otherwise depending on situation specifics like location etcetera.


Seek Professional Help

Afterwards professional help should always be sought out due diligence wise; preferably from a doctor who specializes in toxicology – however obtaining assistance from local law enforcement authorities might also prove prudent since their involvement would ensure security during collection of further potential evidence such stomach contents analysis et cetera.


In addition getting advice about filing legal charges (if applicable) against said perpetrator would certainly come handy under such circumstances as well especially considering fact that prosecution would have much better chances at succeeding given comprehensive investigation results conducted beforehand by qualified professionals).

Protect Yourself

It goes without saying but protecting oneself should never take back seat while dealing with any form(s) of abuse including physical/psychological/emotional ones just alike; meaning even though confronting partner directly might seem like logical step forward its best left avoided until proper support system has been put place because exposing oneself more than necessary could potentially lead up nasty consequences down road instead… Therefore seeking refuge away from home surrounding oneself supportive individuals makes sense here safe guarding both mental health & physical wellbeing no matter how tough situation turns out become overall speaking off course…

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