Is My Girlfriend Cheating? Here Are 15 Signs To Look Out For!

Is My Girlfriend Cheating? Here Are 15 Signs To Look Out For! TLDR
Is My Girlfriend Cheating? Here Are 15 Signs To Look Out For! TLDR

1. She Has Become Overly Protective Of Her Phone

If your girlfriend has become overly protective of her phone, it may be a sign that she is cheating on you.

She may not allow you to use or touch her phone, and she might even take it with her everywhere she goes.

And, if your girlfriend often changes the passwords to her social media accounts and other online services, this could also be an indication that something suspicious is going on.

It’s normal for people to want some privacy in their relationships – but not wanting any access at all is a major red flag!

Another thing to look out for is if she always puts her phone away when you’re around or turns off notifications when you enter the room.

This can indicate that there are texts or calls coming through from someone else while they’re spending time with you – which isn’t cool! Lastly, if your girlfriend starts deleting text messages and emails frequently without explanation, then this too could be a sign of possible infidelity.

2. You Catch Her In Little Lies

It’s totally normal for couples to tell each other little white lies every now and again; however, if these fibs start becoming more frequent then it could mean that your partner is trying to cover up something bigger than just being late home from work one night.

If little things like where they’ve been suddenly become much harder questions for them answer truthfully – then this should definitely raise some alarms bells ringing in your head!

Similarly, watch out for any discrepancies between what they say happened during their day compared with reality (i.e, did they really have lunch with friends as per their story? Or was there actually another person involved?) Once again – lying about anything could point towards them having something else going on behind closed doors…

3. Your Girlfriend Stops Showing Interest In You

Unless there’s been some sort of major argument recently between yourselves – sudden disinterest in activities together (such as romantic dates) can signify trouble ahead in paradise! Your partner may start showing signs such as: avoiding physical contact/intimacy; no longer making plans with you; cancelling last minute; lacking enthusiasm when spending time together etc.

All these behaviours can suggest that either

A) They’re no longer interested in pursuing the relationship further


B) There’s someone else vying for attention behind-the-scenes who takes higher priority over yourself now… Neither scenario bodes well unfortunately so try talking openly about how both feel within the relationship before jumping straight into conclusions here first okay?

4. They Seem Distant & Uninterested In What You Have To Say

When a romantic connection begins fading away gradually – communication tends suffer drastically too… So don’t panic just yet if all those long conversations discussing life goals/future dreams have started disappearing from view because instead we recommend proactively trying get back down onto common ground by rekindling existing bonds once lost earlier here today….

Ask simple questions relating to current topics such as: “How was work today? Did anything interesting happen?”

And listen carefully carefully attentively before offering thoughtful advice afterwards accordingly here onwards …Sometimes though , even after all attempts made still seem distant & uninterested = maybe its time consider perhaps why ? Is there somebody new competing their affections elsewhere outside right now? Something worth considering possibly?

5. She Starts Going Out More Without You

One key warning signal associated with cheating girlfriends relates directly to major activities attended without you. Even small gestures like attending events solo without prior invitation extended beforehand can potentially add fuel to the fire of suspicions mind.

Therefore next time round pay special attention whereabouts throughout evenings /weekends plan accordingly OK ? Does location consistently remain same despite change scenery around herself ? Or does her agenda involve recurrent meetings different individuals periodically Ok ?? Keep close tabs easily accessible means aside such GPS tracking apps available smartphones nowadays plus regular check ups private voicemail inboxes regularly scheduled times might help uncover evidence needed prove claims true false soon enough.

6. Your Gut Feeling Tells You Something Isn’t Right Here

Last piece advice offered regards intuition : Never underestimate power gut feeling — think twice before discounting initial instincts entirely ! Because sometimes instinctive reaction present situation overrules logic reason altogether.

Always trust inner judgment implicitly whenever feasible doable OK ??? Resultantly taking proactive steps monitor behavior patterns circumstances surrounding certain actions performed done enable decide appropriate response thereafter.

So remember rule number 1: Stay alert aware potential danger signs lurking nearby ready strike anytime soon !!

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