Does My Girlfriend Like Me? A Comprehensive Quiz To Find The Answer!

Does My Girlfriend Like Me? A Comprehensive Quiz To Find The Answer!

It’s a question we’ve all asked ourselves at one time or another: Does my girlfriend like me? It can be hard to tell if the person you care about is really into you or not.

But never fear – with this comprehensive quiz, you’ll soon have your answer and know exactly where things stand with your relationship.

Signs That She Likes You

If your girlfriend likes you, there are often certain signs that she will display which make it easier for you to figure out her feelings.

Here are some common indicators of interest which may point towards her having strong feelings for you:
– She calls and texts frequently without being prompted by yourself.

– She makes an effort to spend alone time with just the two of you, rather than going out in large groups of friends.

– When together, she tries to do nice things for you such as making dinner or bringing snacks when visiting your house.

– When talking about future plans, she includes both herself and yourself in them e.

g “maybe when I’m done college we could take a road trip together”.

Knowing what types of behavior imply that someone likes us can help us understand how our partners feel more easily; however it isn’t always completely clear cut so let’s look at some other ways that might give us insight into whether or not they truly care about us.



Questions To Help Figure Out Your Situation

When trying to work out how much someone cares about us it can be helpful to ask ourselves questions related directly to our own situation:
– How much does my partner talk about their own life compared vs mine? Are they interested in hearing what I have been up too recently? – Do I tend receive affection from my partner on a regular basis (e.

g hugs)? – Is spending quality time together something important for both myself and them equally? – Does my partner laugh and enjoy themselves around me as much as they do other people/groups of friends etc.


Asking these types of questions can provide clues regarding their level of attachment towards oneself – although ultimately only the individual involved knows fully how they feel inside! Now let’s move onto taking a deeper dive…

The ‘Does My Girlfriend Like Me’ Quiz

Sometimes asking tough probing questions isn’t enough; luckily there is also an easy way assess one’s romantic status via quizzes such as this one! Simply read through each statement below then choose option A (for yes) B (for no) depending on if it applies more accurately for yourself & your current relationship situation: 1) Does my girlfriend frequently initiate conversations / contact first without prompting from myself ? 2) Is physical intimacy regularly expressed between myself & her during moments alone together ? 3) Does she remember small details associated with events / experiences shared between the two ? 4 ) Has she ever made any long term commitment plans involving both our lives e.

g vacation ideas , marriage proposals etc.

? 5 ) Does my girlfriend express excitement when discussing potential future endeavors that involve the two off us together ? 6 ) Have either family members / close friends mentioned noticing positive changes in behaviour since meeting me personally ? 7 ) Do I get special treatment from her compared against other people including mutual acquaintances etc.

? 8 ) Are personal boundaries respected &amp ; maintained accordingly by both parties within our relationship dynamic overall ? 9 ) In general does conversation flow naturally between the two off us whilst we ‘ re interacting face -to -face versus feeling awkwardness over pauses / lack off topics discussed etc.

10) Namely , has there been instances whereby meaningful discussions occur seemingly effortlessly despite limited prior knowledge shared previously beforehand e.

g discussing dreams aspirations ambitions further down life path journeys ahead potentially even exploring deeper conversations relating back towards childhood memories or stories growing up youthfully perhaps ….


After completing this mini questionnaire tally up total score received based upon number answers responded affirmative by selecting option A throughout aforementioned statements above : 0 — 3 Points : Unfortunately looks like things aren ‘ t quite working out here , possible suggestion considering stepping away gracefully instead pursuing further otherwise unnecessary heartache pain brought forth moving forward …….


4 — 6 Points : Things seem OKAY right now but still room improvement before reaching peak performance levels achieved best case scenarios possible ! Consider engaging openly honestly communication wise plus expressing needs expectations clearly concise manner meanwhile maintaining trustworthiness honesty essential factors enabling healthy relationships bloom thrive ongoing basis …….

7—10 Points : Congratulations ! Looks like everything running smoothly sailor ship sailing safely soundly port harbor destinations reached contentment peace mind assured finally achieved congratulations once again.



Enjoy ride journey continuing onwards hopefully forevermore ! If after reading through entire article pondering over results obtained via aforementioned quiz still unsure final verdict end please don ’ t hesitate seeking advice assistance professional counsellor therapist able help gain insight decipher remaining doubts left unanswered thus far.


Good luck !

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