Why Isn’t My Girlfriend (Or Wife) Getting Pregnant? 7 Reasons & What To Do Next.

When you and your partner start trying for a baby, it can be disappointing when things don’t go as planned.

If your girlfriend or wife isn’t getting pregnant, it might seem like something is wrong – but that doesn’t have to be the case.

Here are seven of the most common reasons why she may not be falling pregnant yet and what you should do next.

Reason 1: You’re Not Having Enough Sex

Having sex regularly is one of the key components to successfully conceiving a child, so if this aspect of your relationship has been neglected lately then it could explain why she isn’t getting pregnant.

This is especially true during her ovulation period, which usually occurs 14 days before her next period begins – around day 11-17 in an average 28-day menstrual cycle.

During this time, try to make sure that both partners orgasm each time you have sex; female orgasm increases the chances of conception significantly by producing alkaline secretions that help sperm travel quickly towards the egg.

Reason 2: Unfavorable Cervical Mucus

Another reason why your partner might not be able to conceive right now could be due to unfavorable cervical mucus levels – also known as leukorrhea or vaginal discharge – which affects us all differently depending on where we are within our menstrual cycles.

Healthy fertile mucus helps sperm survive; however when there isn’t enough healthy mucus present or if its too acidic then they won’t survive long enough to reach their destination at all! Luckily there are plenty of ways such as lubricants and douching with bicarbonate soda solution that can help improve these conditions so try experimenting with them over time until you find something suitable for both partners’ needs/desires.

Reason 3: Poor Egg Quality

While having regular intercourse will increase chances of conception overall, poor egg quality can prevent fertilization from taking place altogether even if other factors appear favorable at first glance – such as favorable cervical mucous levels or correct timing etcetera.


Factors including age (over 30), smoking cigarettes and alcohol consumption can lower egg quality thus decreasing fertility rates dramatically – so suggest making lifestyle changes together in order combat these issues proactively before seeking medical assistance from professionals who specialize in fertility treatments like IVF technology etcetera…

(Such As Fibroids)

Not every woman has a uterus perfectly suited for pregnancy– sometimes abnormalities such as fibroids which grow into tumors inside uterine walls causing blockages preventing eggs traveling down fallopian tubes leading into abdomen cavity makes natural conception impossible without surgical intervention methods first being used remove any problematic growths blocking reproductive organs pathways prior attempting anything else; ask doctor about potential risks & benefits associated specific procedure(s).

Reason 5: Stress And Anxiety Are Taking A Toll On Her Health

Stressful life events such as work related pressures financial worries health concerns etcetera often take toll body’s physical mental emotional wellbeing overall making difficult keep hormonal balance necessary successful pregnancy possible resulting lack desired results despite best efforts being made other areas life conversely relaxations techniques meditation yoga mindfulness activities available today offer safe noninvasive way naturally reduce stress anxiety levels improving internal harmony body conducive environment ideal raising future family members welcome addition home front.

Reason 6: Endometriosis Is Affecting Fertility

Sometimes endometrial cells grow outside uterus forming lesions adhesions surrounding pelvic organs preventing normal functioning reproductive system henceforth stopping eggs reaching intended destination ultimately meaning pregnancy cannot occur without proper diagnosis treatment plan put place under guidance qualified specialist doctors gynecologists knowledgeable field helping patient gain control situation swiftly safely effectively.

Reason 7:She Has An Underlying Medical Condition

Apart from aforementioned causes infertility many women suffer underlying medical condition(s) affecting their ability become mothers certain diseases illnesses treated using medication surgery while others require careful monitoring professional advice specialised approach better chance success rate achieving wanted results soonest possible timeline always seek second opinion confirm accuracy initial diagnosis given ensure course action taken appropriate one required give greater peace mind going forward.

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