My Girlfriend Says I Play Video Games Too Much

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My Girlfriend Says I Play Video Games Too Much

Hey Soul Bonding Love, So I’m in a bit of a pickle here. I’ve been with my girl Jess for about two years now, we’re like PB & J, it’s great. But recently she’s just been so vexed about how much time I spend gaming. I don’t know, man. Like every guy out there, I love my Xbox as much as the next bloke and PUBG or FIFA is kinda my therapy after grinding all day at work. On weekdays, I’d say 3-4 hours each night is normal for me. On the weekends, yeah it gets more intense – maybe 8 hours each day? But like isn’t that hobby time? Here’s the thing though: We do things together too! We have our special takeout and movie nights on Fridays… we brunch together every Sunday… We go hiking twice or thrice every month and she even plays games with me sometimes! But recently it’s all complaints – “You play too much” or “This isn’t healthy.” Really bruh? She Netflix binges on The Crown for similar amounts of time but no one gives a sermon about that. Don’t get me wrong dude; Jess is fantastic. She supports my dreams, laughs at my crappy jokes & above all gives me space when required so I appreciate her concern here. It’s just that life without gaming seems alien to me; it started when Dad got us an Atari and since then it has been my escape pod from reality’s grind which includes tax returns, grumpy boss & even Lorelai (our moody cat). So here’s the twist: If things don’t change she might consider moving out to clear her headspace (her words). Damn bro! It feels like those choice-based video games except in reality; you’re stuck between saving your favorite NPC character vs progressing in the game. Do you think I’m being over the top? How do I explain to her that gaming isn’t as bad as she thinks but also maintain peace in paradise? Anyway, sorry for the rant. Catch you on the flip, ‘Controller Conflicted’

The Raw And Honest Truth I Would Give To My Friends Or Family Member…

Hey Controller Conflicted, The thing to point out here is, you’re in a partnership – and that means compromising and finding balance. Yes, you love your gaming, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. Gaming is your hobby, your escape, your solace, and that’s great. However, she also has a right to feel the way she feels. Here’s what I will say, you might see it as just 3-4 hours on weekdays and 8 hours on weekends but from her perspective, it could be more about feeling like a second fiddle to your Xbox. When you’re gaming and she’s around, her perception might be that she’s not your priority – even if you don’t think that’s the case. Remember, communication is key. Sit down and have an open conversation about how both of you feel. Don’t accuse or get defensive, simply state your feelings and listen to hers. It’s not about who is right or wrong, it’s about understanding each other. You mentioned that you guys do spend quality time together, which is great. Maybe try to get her involved in gaming too? You said she plays with you sometimes – maybe find games you both enjoy? Also, consider setting some boundaries. Maybe you can limit your gaming a bit during weekdays? And perhaps don’t game when she’s around unless she’s also engaged in an activity she loves. In return, ask her to respect your gaming time during weekends or whenever it fits into your schedule. And lastly, I have to say this: Don’t let this become an ultimatum situation (“it’s me or the Xbox”). That’s never healthy or productive. This isn’t a choice-based video game where you have to pick between your favorite NPC character or progressing in the game. This is real life and in life, compromises can always be made. The ultimate goal here is balance. Balance between your passion for gaming, her feelings, and maintaining happiness in your relationship. Remember, it’s not about choosing between two things you love, but about finding a way to make both work. Catch you on the flip, A Fellow Gamer
But, that’s just my personal viewpoint. I’ve asked an expert relationship coach to break it down for what it is.
It might provide you with some more context.

“My Girlfriend Says I Play Video Games Too Much”: Advice From A Relationship Coach

Alright, let’s dig into this. When your girlfriend mentions that you’re playing **video games too much**, it’s not just about the screen time, is it? There’s a whole lot more simmering beneath that statement—feelings, needs, and expectations.
It’s a Conversation About Priorities
Okay, so what this actually means is that she’s likely feeling that video games are taking a more significant slice of the priority pie than she is. Now don’t get me wrong—it’s not necessarily an ultimatum about choosing her or the games. It’s more about balance and where she sees herself fitting into your life.
The Underlying Emotional Message
When she says you’re playing too much, what your girlfriend is getting at might be a signal for “I need more attention” or “I miss spending quality time with you.” It could be her way of expressing that she feels secondary to your virtual adventures. And let’s be real—the emotional connection two people share can definitely take a hit if one feels like they’re consistently playing second fiddle to a console.
Time Management & Life Balance
Deep down, this might also be about how you manage time together versus apart. Everyone needs their downtime and hobbies; however, it becomes problematic when one person feels their shared experiences are compromised because of it. Remember, relationships thrive on mutual presence and engagement.
Shared Experiences vs Solo Activities
Games are rad; they’re engaging and fun escapes—but consider this: What activities do you both enjoy? Perhaps her concern arises from wanting more shared experiences with you rather than watching you go solo on quests in digital lands.
The Impact on Communication & Connection
Excessive gaming can sometimes lead to communication breakdowns—not just in quantity but quality as well. Your girlfriend likely wants to ensure there’s enough room for meaningful conversations and connections that aren’t paused or saved for later like a game session.
Now let’s think solutions:

Create Balanced Gaming Schedules

Why not carve out specific times dedicated solely to gaming so it doesn’t bleed into couple time? This schedule could help clear any misunderstandings about when each of you takes personal time.

Involve Her in Your World

If she’s open to it, invite her into your gaming world occasionally—find co-op games you can enjoy together or even ask for her input while playing solo missions.

Prioritize Couple Time Without Distractions

Make sure there are occasions where the focus is fully on each other—with no screens involved. Whether it’s date nights or simple daily rituals like sharing meals without distractions. Remembering the context here—this isn’t simply about gaming—it’s very much about nurturing your partnership while respecting individual interests. An empathetic approach combined with honest conversation can transform potential conflict into deeper understanding and collaboration.

With Everything That’s Been Said & Done (Or Alluded To 😬), What’s Next?

Assess Your Gaming Habits

Hey there, ‘Controller Conflicted’. Before we dive into the nitty-gritty, it’s time for some self-reflection. It sounds like gaming is your haven, and that’s cool – we all need that escape pod. But consider this: your gaming marathon sessions might be a bit much, and it could be making Jess feel like she’s living with a ghost who occasionally joins her for takeout. Let’s be real, 8 hours on the weekends can turn anyone into a gaming widow.
Sit down and seriously evaluate how much time you’re spending with your console versus your girl. How does this balance stack up? Is gaming taking over chunks of time that could be invested in nurturing your relationship? Genuine introspection here will set the foundation for a healthier conversation with Jess.

Initiate A Non-Defensive Chat

Alright, it’s chat time – but not while you’re halfway through a FIFA match or she’s deep into an episode of The Crown. Set aside some quality time to talk – distraction-free. You’ve got to listen as much as you talk here. Acknowledge her feelings, because they’re valid to her, just like yours are to you. Admit that too much screen time (on both ends) might not be the healthiest habit after all.
Explain why gaming means so much to you – about how it connects back to times with your dad and acts as stress-relief. By showing her it’s more than just button-mashing and shooter games, she might understand better where you’re coming from while also realizing there’s common ground in needing personal downtime.

Craft A Balanced Schedule Together

Compromise is king in relationships! After laying out feelings on both sides, grab a calendar and get down to business together crafting up a new routine that includes dedicated couple-time alongside solo chillaxing hobbies. This isn’t about slashing your game-time by half right off the bat – no one likes shock therapy – but rather finding pockets of time where you both can enjoy what lights up individual happiness meters.
Maybe certain days are reserved exclusively for couple activities or limited gaming after shared plans – negotiate what feels fair for both sides without dismissing each other’s needs. That way PB & J stay intact without leaning too heavily on either component.

Mix Up Your Activities

Spice things up beyond brunches and hikes! Sure those are great staples in any couple’s playbook but how about trying something completely new together? Be it dance classes or pottery-making; adding variety could make things more exciting for both of you and prevent falling back into routine ruts.
Suggest “experience dates” where both of you choose alternate weeks picking an activity neither has tried before – make memories while shaking off life’s monotony! And who knows? Maybe Jess will find something else she really enjoys besides Netflix binges, while you’ll score points for being proactive.

Negotiate Gaming Time With Clear Boundaries

It’s important now more than ever to establish clear boundaries around when the Xbox powers up or shuts down which aligns with mutual respect between partners’ needs within shared living spaces. Discuss reasonable blocks of gaming: perhaps weekdays nights become shorter sessions whereas weekends allow slightly longer indulgences?
The key here is developing healthy habits instead of blanket restrictions – maybe even set an alarm as a reminder when it’s game over so as not derail from agreed upon terms; maintain trust through consistency without neglecting the relationship.

Show Appreciation For Her Patience And Support

Don’t forget amidst all this negotiating and scheduling jazz to take moments simply thanking Jess genuinely for sticking around while understanding your love for digital universes can sometimes feel overwhelming; show gratitude towards her patience rather than defensive stances about rights-to-game arguments.
Little tokens of appreciation go miles whether simple thank-you cards hidden in lunch bags or impromptu date nights declaring them ‘Jess appreciation evenings’; remind her consistently why despite Lorelai (the moody cat), tax returns & everything else dragging down reality vibes—she truly means worlds to ya!

Evaluate And Adjust As You Progress Together

Finally dude, remember any plan should have flexibility built-in; routines can evolve just like relationships do over time—keep checking back regularly ensuring these changes aren’t just temporary fixes but sustainable practices enhancing connection quality between ya two lovebirds!
If Jess mentions feeling sidelined again despite efforts made adjust accordingly & likewise if things improve celebrate those wins together because team PB&J just leveled up their real-life co-op mode – sweet victory indeed!

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