My Girlfriend Said I Can Do Whatever I Want To Her

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My Girlfriend Said I Can Do Whatever I Want To Her

Hey Soul Bonding Love, So here’s the stitch, man. I’ve been with this chick, let’s call her Bella. We’ve been lips locked for about half a year now and it’s seriously cool. She gets me – my weird sense of humor, my love for old-school blues, heck she even tolerates my not-so-cool obsession with comic books…well, most of them at least. Anyhoo, things have been going smoothly till now. But last weekend we were hanging out at her place and we got on the topic of our relationship status and like what we mean to each other. Kinda heavy stuff, you know? So while we’re talking about all this deep stuff and sharing some feels (and pizza ’cause I was famished from work), she comes out of nowhere and tells me that she’d let me do whatever I want to her. Now don’t go getting any wild ideas – Bella’s as straight-laced as they come when it comes down to taking things slow in our relationship physically-wise (if you get what I’m saying). This wasn’t some risqué declaration or nothing; it was like more… emotional, metaphysical even. I guess it just threw me off-kilter because there was a whole load of trust in those eyes when she said that. Not gonna lie – felt kinda nice considering she ain’t one to open up easily but also felt wrong somehow? Like I should be jumping for joy ’cause this means Bella trusts me a lot but instead here I am fretting… Thing is though I think no dude should have that kind of power over someone’s life irrespective of how crazy they are about each other. It doesn’t gel right with my own principles if you catch my drift? So gotta say had a hard time digesting what she said and kinda shut down afterwards which must’ve freaked her out too… Look man, I’m just a simple bloke who is trying to create something special with Bella. Don’t wanna screw this up and hurt her, you know? Plus the love we share, it needs an equal give and take of control. So how the heck do I navigate through all this emotional jazz and come out on the other side with our relationship intact? Eagerly awaiting your advice, Concerned and Confused

The Raw And Honest Truth I Would Give To My Friends Or Family Member…

Here’s what I will say, dude. The fact that you’re even questioning this shows you’re a good guy, you’re just overthinking it a little bit. Firstly, her words, while heavy, are a testament to how much she trusts you. She’s not asking you to control her life, but rather she’s comfortable enough with you that she knows you won’t take advantage of that trust. That’s a big deal, man!
The thing to point out here is, it’s okay to be thrown off by this. It’s a lot to take in. But what you’ve got to understand is that in any relationship, there’s a certain level of vulnerability involved. That’s part and parcel of the whole deal. It’s not about power or control but about respect and love.
Secondly, I get it – the word ‘control’ can freak anyone out. But remember, it’s not literal control she’s talking about here but more like a metaphorical one – like she’d let you in her life completely, without any barriers. It’s a sign that she’s letting her guard down; which when you think about it is kind of sweet if not brave.
Here’s another nugget for you – Love isn’t about who has the power or control. It’s about trust, respect, and equality. So rather than focusing on that one statement, think about how the relationship has been so far. You have been together for half a year and it seems like things are going pretty smoothly.
My advice? Have another heart-to-heart with Bella. Talk about your fears and concerns because communication is key in any relationship. Explain your principles to her, make her understand that you’re in this together; it can’t be all about one person making sacrifices or decisions.
Remember, you’re not going to screw this up. You’re not going to hurt her. You’re just navigating through a bump in your journey and trust me, there will be more. But that’s how you grow together.
Last bit of wisdom, dude – Don’t let fear hold you back. Just because Bella has let you in her life completely doesn’t mean you have to act differently or step back. Keep doing what you’ve been doing because clearly, something’s working right.
So, chill out, take a deep breath, have another slice of pizza and go on being the cool comic book-loving, blues-listening guy Bella is crazy about! You got this!

But, that’s just my personal viewpoint. I’ve asked an expert relationship coach to break it down for what it is.
It might provide you with some more context.

“My Girlfriend Said I Can Do Whatever I Want To Her”: Advice From A Relationship Coach

Let’s break this down, shall we? When your girlfriend says, “you can do whatever you want to me,” it’s essential to peel back the layers of this statement and look at the potential meanings and implications behind it. First off, consent is paramount. This offering might seem like a blank check for consent, but it’s not that simple. It could signify a deep level of trust and comfort in your relationship. She may feel secure enough with you to express her willingness to explore different aspects of intimacy. However, caution is necessary — just because she’s given a broad initial consent doesn’t mean all bets are off regarding continuous, active consent throughout any activity. It could be about control—or the lack thereof. In some cases, saying something like this can reflect a desire to relinquish control in a safe environment. It can be quite liberating for some individuals to give their partner the steering wheel in certain situations. The allure of vulnerability. By making herself vulnerable in such an explicit way, she might be seeking an emotional connection that goes beyond physical gratification. It’s about trust and being open with each other on another level. Digging into desire. Maybe your girlfriend is expressing her own desires through this statement. She might have fantasies or kinks she wants to explore but feels too shy or unsure about vocalizing them directly. This could be her invitation for you to take the lead.

The Dance of Boundaries

It’s crucial here not to misinterpret this as without boundaries. There must be ongoing communication about what each person is comfortable with—it’s about finding where those lines are drawn and respecting them completely.

The Echoes of Insecurity

On a different note, sometimes such statements can stem from insecurities or a desire to please at any cost—which isn’t healthy for either party involved. If she’s saying you can do whatever you want out of fear of losing you or due to low self-esteem issues thinking that they need always accommodate their partner—then there’s something deeper at play that needs addressing lovingly and carefully. A Test or a Gift? Is this an unconditional offering or is it laced with unspoken tests? Some may use such statements as litmus tests for their partners’ respectfulness and self-control; others may truly mean it as a gift without expectations—understanding which one it is becomes crucial before proceeding.

Talk About It

Whatever the case may be—a conversation about expectations, desires, boundaries (emotional & physical), and mutual respect needs happening pronto! The key here isn’t just what is said but also how openly topics are discussed between partners. Remember that relationships are dynamic, intertwining mystery boxes filled with surprises; they require constant nurturing through honest and genuine dialogue—this instance being no exception! In exploring these avenues together: ensuring safety emotionally & physically while embracing mutual enjoyment—that there lies the true depth of an intimate bond. Keep these dialogues ongoing; understandings reached today might need revisiting tomorrow—as long as both parties feel heard & valued—the journey continues on solid ground.

With Everything That’s Been Said & Done (Or Alluded To 😬), What’s Next?

Digging Deeper Into Your Feelings

First things first, mate. You gotta take a beat and really **explore your own feelings**. It’s cool that you’re wary about having too much sway in Bella’s life, but let’s pinpoint why you’re feeling off-kilter, shall we? Is it the sudden depth of her trust, or is it about fearing the responsibility that comes with it? Reflect on this a bit because understanding your discomfort is step one to sortin’ everything out. And hey, props to you for not wanting to abuse that trust – it shows you’re a stand-up guy who truly cares about equality in your relationship.

Communicate Your Concerns

Alrighty then. After you’ve done some soul-searching, the next move is clear: **have an open chat with Bella**. Pick a comfortable spot and time when neither of you are distracted by pizza or exhaustion from the day’s grind. Share with her how honored you felt by her words and also express your concerns about balance in your relationship. It’s all about being transparent without making her feel like she did something wrong – after all, communication is key in any dynamic duo.

Cementing Boundaries Together

Once those cards are on the table, work together on **setting some boundaries** that both of ya can live with happily. This isn’t just about physical stuff; it’s about emotional and decision-making boundaries too. With mutual respect being the guiding star here, figure out each other’s comfort zones and how to always check-in before crossing into new territory – like co-captains steering a ship through uncharted waters.

Demonstrating Appreciation While Keeping Things Light

Show Bella that her honesty didn’t freak you out permanently by keeping things chill yet meaningful between ya’ll (**show appreciation**). Maybe organize an easygoing date night where deep talks take a backseat to just enjoying each other’s company – laugh at silly jokes, groove to some old-school blues, or have a no-holds-barred comic book debate! It reinforces that sense of normalcy post-serious-talk while subtly thanking her for diving into those emotional depths with ya.

Treading Carefully With Influence

Alrighty-o! Remember this: Having influence doesn’t necessarily mean wielding power; it can also be about leading **by example** (and I don’t mean be Captain America or anything). Show Bella that true partnership means making decisions together – whether they’re big life choices or small ones like what toppings to get on your shared pizza next time around.

Nurturing Mutual Growth

This ain’t just about navigating through this single moment but rather building up for the long haul where both partners grow side by side (**mutual growth**, baby!). Encourage Bella to pursue her own interests as you do yours (even if hers don’t involve comic books). This way she’ll feel empowered too and won’t think she has less say in what goes down between y’all.

Staying True To Your Values

Last but definitely not least: Continue standing strong on those principles of yours (**stay true**) because they make up who ya are as much as any love connection does. Balancing matters of the heart with personal ethics isn’t simple by any stretch but doing so will keep ya grounded especially when emotions want to run wilder than The Flash himself!

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When your girlfriend expresses that you can do whatever you want to her, it’s essential to navigate these boundaries with care and respect. It may seem like an open invitation, but clear communication is key to maintaining a healthy relationship. Sometimes, one might notice feeling inexplicably fatigued around their partner, which could signal underlying emotional dynamics at play.

It’s also worth considering whether this statement arises from a place of deep trust or if it might be masking insecurities that need attention. For instance, if a partner feels undervalued, they might say things out of a desire for approval, akin to how someone might feel when they suspect their partner of infidelity, leading to situations where one partner accuses the other of transmitting herpes without evidence. These scenarios call for empathy and understanding.

On another note, individuals often seek advice on creating engaging profiles for online dating platforms like Tinder. Given that digital impressions are so pivotal in today’s dating scene, applying effective Tinder bio tips can make all the difference in matching with someone compatible. This pursuit of connection underscores the importance of mutual respect and consent in any relationship matters, including those conversations about what one partner can ‘do’ to another.

If you feel diminished by your significant other’s comments or actions – such as when a boyfriend minimizes your thoughts or feelings – it can be deeply hurtful. Encountering a sentiment like “my boyfriend thinks very little of me” is never easy and often requires confronting serious issues within the relationship dynamic.

Additionally, when dealing with accusations or criticism from a partner that seem unfair or unwarranted — like being told “I make everything about me” — it’s critical to remember that relationships are a two-way street with room for each person’s perspective and needs. Balancing personal desires with mutual consent creates not just harmony but also reinforces the significance of each person’s autonomy within the partnership.

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