My Girlfriend Is Pregnant: What To Do When You Don’t Want It, But She Does

My Girlfriend Is Pregnant: What To Do When You Don’t Want It, But She Does

Dealing with an unplanned pregnancy is an emotionally complex situation and requires thoughtful consideration.

If your girlfriend has just informed you that she is pregnant but you don’t want it while she does, this can be a difficult and overwhelming situation to navigate.

In order to make the best decision for everyone involved, here are some important things to consider when deciding what steps to take if my girlfriend is pregnant but I don’t want it.

Understand Your Feelings

Before making any decisions about the pregnancy, it’s important for both partners to understand their feelings about the situation so they can properly communicate these emotions with one another in a safe and respectful way.

Ask yourself how you truly feel about the pregnancy and why — do you not feel ready or equipped financially or mentally? Are there other factors such as age or life goals that play into your hesitation? Make sure that you have taken time for self-reflection on this matter before taking further action.

Talk Openly With Your Partner

Once each individual has had time to process their thoughts on the subject of my girlfriend being pregnant but I don’t want it, it’s essential that honest communication takes place between both parties in order come up with a plan together either way.

Try having an open conversation where both of your perspectives are heard so all options can be discussed without judgement or assumptions being made by either party.

During this discussion try expressing care and understanding towards one another rather than hostility which will help create more trust throughout the process leading up to whatever decision is ultimately decided upon together as a couple regarding how best handle my girlfriend being pregnant but I dont want it.

Explore All Options Available

Once all perspectives have been expressed during conversations between partners surrounding my girlfriend being pregnant but I dont want it ,it’s important that all available options are explored thoroughly in order gain insight into what could potentially work best depending on individual circumstances such as financial stability/readiness ,or potential relationship changes/challenges due to parenting etc.


Depending on personal preferences different solutions may arise including abortion ,adoption ,or continuing forward with raising child together.

Researching each option separately prior coming up with final answer should give clarity where needed so proper steps moving forward can be determined based off of information gathered from thorough exploration.

Get Professional Support

Asking for assistance from trained professionals such as family therapists ,counselors ,or social workers may also be beneficial when facing an unplanned pregnancy like mine alone.

Getting objective third party opinions who specialize in helping people deal with tough issues like unexpected pregnancies could provide helpful insights into various solutions depending on specific needs/wants of individuals involved as well as providing emotional support during times feeling overwhelmed by magnitude of situation at hand especially if opting out parenthood isn’t something desired within partnership dynamic regardless outcome involving partner whom shared news “my girlfriends pregnant ”but doesn’t wanted personally even though partner wants baby herself.


Choose The Right Path For You

Ultimately whatever path chosen whether going through adoption agency adopting out baby after birth (if wanting keep identity private) choosing abortion route deciding raise child independently together no matter what happens always choose path feels most comfortable secure considering everything else previously mentioned earlier article pertaining “my girlfriends pregnant” doesnt desire same outcome partner giving news which leads us back question initially posed beginning article.



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Consider Long Term Implications

No matter path chosen ultimately comes down consequences associated long term implications surrounding choice made once big picture clear terms current lifestyle plans future aspirations career goals etc.


Keep mind end day goal should always putting wellbeing first foremost above anything else whenever making big decisions involving major commitments like becoming parent surprise due unexpected announcement received concerning “girlfriend being pregant” yet still opts keeping despite desires not wanting become parent himself.




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