My Girlfriend Always Finds Faults In Me

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Hey there Soul Bonding Love, I never really thought I’d find myself writing into something like this, but my buddy Sam swears by you folks. Says you’re the real deal when it comes to advice. So here I am, spilling my heart in hopes that maybe, just maybe, you got some wisdom for a bloke like me. So here’s the thing: I’ve been with my girl, let’s call her Cherry, for about 18 months now. She’s real cute and all – curly hair down to her waist and these killer dimples when she smiles. We even love the same trashy TV shows (though she’ll kill me if she ever found out I called them trashy). But over the past 6 months or so, something’s changed… or maybe it was always there and I just wore too much of those rose-tinted glasses. It seems like Cherry can’t stop finding faults with yours truly. Like, we could be chillin’ on a Sunday afternoon watching one of our shows and out of nowhere she’d say “you chew your popcorn too loud” or “you laugh weird”. Small stuff turned into these big lectures about how I eat too much junk food (I work construction so cut me some slack) or how I don’t take things seriously enough (yes, even during Bachelor season). It ain’t just when we lounge either; every BBQ at my buddy Sam’s place turns into a trip down critique lane – “Why do you always tell that stupid joke?”, “Do you have to drink another beer?”, “Why don’t you dress up more?”. It’s starting to wear me down hard core… makes me feel like no matter what I do it ain’t enough. Like maybe she doesn’t see who I really am anymore because all she sees are these faults. Question is: Is this normal? Is this what love turns into after the honeymoon phase? Or maybe I am just too sensitive like she says. Whatever it is, really could use some advice on how to deal with this constant nitpicking. ‘Cause I still care about her a lot and miss the way things were when we laughed more and critiqued less. Thanks for taking the time to read this. Keep up the good work, guys. From, Just Another Bozo

The Raw And Honest Truth I Would Give To My Friends Or Family Member…

Here’s what I will say, mate: Love doesn’t come with a manual, but you’re experiencing something that’s not uncommon. Many relationships do go through a phase where the rose-tinted glasses come off and you start seeing your partner, warts and all. But it shouldn’t degrade into constant criticism.

The thing to point out here is, communication is key in any relationship. It’s time you sat down with Cherry and voiced out your feelings about her constant nitpicking. Be honest but respectful in how you tell her that her constant critiques are making you feel inadequate and unappreciated. It’s important to avoid being confrontational; use “I” statements to express how you feel.

Another thing I want to highlight is, it’s important to listen to her side too. She might have some issues or concerns that she is expressing in her critiques. So while it might come off as nitpicking, it could be her way of trying to communicate something deeper.

A word of caution though, while it’s good to be open to change for the betterment of your relationship, don’t lose yourself in the process. It’s possible that she might not see your actions as ‘faults’ but rather ‘quirks’. However, if these critiques are affecting your self-esteem or happiness, it is something that needs addressing.

And lastly mate, remember that everyone deserves respect in a relationship. If things don’t change even after expressing your feelings or if the criticisms escalate, don’t be afraid to consider what’s best for you, even if that means moving on.

Remember, it’s about mutual understanding and respect. Relationships take work, but they shouldn’t leave you feeling less than who you are. You deserve to be seen, appreciated, and cherished just as much as Cherry does. Good luck!
But, that’s just my personal viewpoint. I’ve asked an expert relationship coach to break it down for what it is.
It might provide you with some more context.

“My Girlfriend Always Finds Faults In Me”: Advice From A Relationship Coach

The Heart of the Matter: What’s Really Going On?

Feeling like you’re constantly under the microscope can be exhausting, can’t it? When your girlfriend always seems to find faults in you, it’s not just about the nitpicking or the occasional bickering that might happen in any relationship. It’s deeper than that. It sounds like you’re experiencing a continuous stream of criticism that’s leaving you feeling undervalued, unappreciated, and maybe even a little bit judged.
Parsing Through the Criticism
Let’s tackle this head-on. When she points out something she doesn’t like or disagrees with, is it about trivial stuff like how you fold your shirts or bigger issues tied to your behavior and choices? Understanding whether these critiques are surface-level or more fundamental can shed light on what’s driving her dissatisfaction. It’s also worth considering if there’s a pattern to her criticisms—do they emerge when she’s stressed or feeling insecure? Sometimes partners project their own feelings onto us, which isn’t fair but happens more often than we’d like to admit.

Peeling Back Layers of Communication

Truth be told, communication in relationships isn’t just about words; it’s an art and a barometer for connection. How does your girlfriend convey her grievances? Is it through offhand comments laced with sarcasm or direct conversations where both of you sit down and talk things through maturely? If her approach leans towards passive-aggressive jabs, this might indicate an underlying discomfort with confronting issues directly. In any relationship, open and clear communication is key. Without it, misunderstandings flourish.

A Glimpse into Her Perspective

Now let me ask you this: Have you seen things from her perch? What could be prompting these constant critiques? Sometimes what comes off as fault-finding might actually be clumsy attempts at encouraging change or improvement because she cares deeply about your future together. There could also be some truth hidden in those criticisms—maybe there are aspects that you could genuinely reflect on. Being able to self-reflect is a strength not everyone possesses but doing so can lead to personal growth and better dynamics between partners.

Dynamics at Play: The Relationship Dance

Consider this: Relationships are intricate dances where both partners have their own rhythms and steps. If one partner changes their pace suddenly without notice—say by frequently finding faults—the entire dance can feel off-balance. Your role in this dance matters too. How do you react when she finds fault? Are you defensive, withdrawn, conciliatory? Your response contributes equally to the ongoing dynamic between the two of you.

Navigating Self-Esteem Seas

Wading through constant criticism is bound to take its toll on anyone’s self-esteem.Treading these waters requires inner strength and resilience. Remember that while feedback from our significant others is important for growth within our relationships – this doesn’t define who we are entirely.
If ever there were times when constructive feedback crossed over into demeaning territory—when encouragement feels more diminishing than uplifting—it may be time for some boundaries. Every person deserves respect and understanding from their partner; don’t forget that includes YOU too! So let’s not sweep these feelings under the rug but rather take them seriously—at face value—and use them as stepping stones towards better mutual understanding and respect within your relationship.

With Everything That’s Been Said & Done (Or Alluded To 😬), What’s Next?

Evaluating the Root of the Critiques

Reflect on your relationship, Just Another Bozo. It’s perfectly normal for some of that honeymoon sheen to wear off over time, but it shouldn’t mean you’re constantly under the microscope. Think about these critiques – are they coming from a place of love and concern, or do they feel more like unnecessary jabs?
Taking a step back and looking at it with fresh eyes might help you figure out if there’s an underlying issue that needs addressing. Is it possible that Cherry is stressed about something else and inadvertently taking it out on you?

Fostering Open Communication

Communication is king in any relationship! Having an honest convo with Cherry might clear the air. Approach her when you’re both calm and not in the middle of critique-central. Use “I” statements to express how her words make you feel without putting her on the defensive.
Something like, “I feel hurt when my habits are criticized during our downtime” could open up a more constructive dialogue. Remember, it’s not just about airing your feelings but also being ready to listen to hers.

Cultivating Self-awareness

It’s tough hearing negative things about ourselves, mate. But sometimes there’s a sliver of truth behind them. Evaluate if any of Cherry’s points are valid and if there’s something within those comments that could be worked on for personal growth.
Engage in some introspective thinking: Are there habits that might be affecting your health or our relationship negatively? Acknowledging these can show Cherry you’re serious about making things work.

Suggesting Mutual Growth Activities

Why not try something fresh that can bring back some sparkle? Suggest doing activities together where both of you can learn and grow – maybe a cooking class for healthier eats or join a fun run! This way, you tackle some criticisms head-on while creating new memories.
New experiences together can strengthen bonds and give you both new grounds for appreciation rather than nitpicking.

Drawing Boundaries with Kindness

Even as you strive to be better, remember that everyone has quirks – they make us unique! So establish boundaries on what is okay to critique and what’s crossing into personal digs territory.
If certain jokes at BBQs are part of your charm, let her know these comments sting a bit too much: “Babe, when I tell goofy jokes at Sam’s BBQs, I’m just trying to have fun with my mates.”

Finding Support Within Your Circle

Lean on friends like Sam who believes in this advice gig; he’ll remind you what great company feels like without constant critiques. Sometimes we need others’ perspectives to validate our own feelings – plus having someone else vouch for our character helps bolster self-esteem.
Get together with pals who know how awesome you are – a little support goes a long way!

Making Tough Decisions If Necessary

Finally, don’t forget: You deserve happiness too! If after trying everything else nothing changes and those critical barbs persist—take some solo time to ponder what’s best for YOU.
Consider if this relationship still serves who you want to be; sometimes love means letting go rather than losing yourself amidst constant criticism. Remember—You’ve got options.

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When your girlfriend always finds faults in you, it can feel disheartening and may lead to questioning the stability of your relationship. It’s important to address these feelings openly and seek ways to improve communication. If you find yourself in a situation where your partner verbally expresses discontent, such as saying “I don’t know what love is”, it’s crucial to approach the conversation with empathy and a desire to understand each other better.
Feeling unattractive in your partner’s eyes can be another source of tension; if your significant other admits they don’t find you appealing, this could signify a deeper issue within the relationship. Discovering how to cope when someone says something as hurtful as “I don’t find you attractive” may require self-reflection and possibly seeking advice on how to reconnect on an emotional level.
Communication problems don’t just exist within romantic partners; they can also occur in marriages. When a spouse feels ignored, like when a husband won’t listen to his wife’s needs, it’s essential for both parties to work together toward finding mutual understanding and respect.
Commitment fears can manifest in different ways; if your partner voices concerns about the future by stating they’re “not ready for a relationship”, it might be necessary to evaluate each other’s expectations and fears regarding commitment.
Experiencing hostility in a relationship is particularly challenging; being told “I hate you” by a boyfriend can be jarring and raise serious questions about the relationship’s health. In such cases, seeking guidance on navigating through such intense emotions may be beneficial.

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