My Boyfriend Says We Have Nothing in Common

My Boyfriend Says We Have Nothing in Common

No Common Ground?

When my boyfriend first told me that we had nothing in common, I was taken aback. How could we be in a relationship if we didn’t share any interests or hobbies? I worried that this would be the end of our relationship, but I soon realized that we had more in common than I thought.

But We Laugh Together

One thing that my boyfriend and I share is a sense of humor. We love making each other laugh, and we enjoy watching comedy shows and movies together. While this may seem like a small thing, it’s actually a crucial aspect of any relationship. Laughing together helps to build a bond and creates positive memories.

Opposites Attract?

The old saying "opposites attract" is often true in relationships. While my boyfriend and I may not share the same interests, we bring different perspectives and experiences to the table. This can lead to interesting conversations and new ways of thinking about the world.

Finding Shared Interests

While we may not initially have shared interests, we have found ways to discover new things together. We take turns introducing each other to our favorite books, movies, and music. This has led to new shared interests that we both enjoy.

Trying New Things Together

One of the best ways to find common ground is to try new things together. We’ve gone on hikes, taken cooking classes, and tried new restaurants together. Even if we don’t end up loving everything we try, it’s still a fun experience that we can share.

Discovering Surprising Similarities

As we’ve gotten to know each other better, we’ve discovered that we have more in common than we thought. We both love animals, enjoy spending time outdoors, and value spending time with loved ones. Even if we don’t share the same hobbies, we share similar values and beliefs.

Embracing Our Differences

While it can be tempting to try and change someone to be more like you, it’s important to embrace each other’s differences. My boyfriend and I have learned to appreciate each other’s unique perspectives and interests. This has helped us to grow closer as a couple.

Growing Together as a Couple

At the end of the day, what’s most important is that we’re both committed to growing together as a couple. We may not have everything in common, but we’re willing to put in the effort to find common ground and try new things together. This has helped us to build a strong foundation for our relationship.


How important is it to have common interests in a relationship?

While having shared interests can certainly make a relationship more enjoyable, it’s not necessarily a requirement for a happy and healthy relationship. It’s more important to share values and to have a strong connection with your partner.

Can you make a relationship work if you have nothing in common?

Yes, you can make a relationship work even if you don’t have everything in common. It’s important to be open-minded and to try new things together in order to build a strong connection.

How can I find common ground with my partner?

Try introducing each other to your favorite hobbies and interests, and be open to trying new things together. Focus on finding shared values and beliefs, and be willing to embrace each other’s differences.

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