My Boyfriend Said I’m Ugly

My Boyfriend Thinks I’m Ugly…

As a young woman, there is nothing more crushing than being told you’re not pretty enough, especially by someone you care deeply about. When my boyfriend told me I was ugly, it cut me to the core. I spent days mulling over his words, examining myself in the mirror, and wondering what was wrong with me. But as time went on, I realized that his opinion of me didn’t matter. Here’s why.

But I’m Not Buying It!

First and foremost, everyone’s definition of beauty is different. What one person finds attractive may not be appealing to another. It’s important to remember that your worth doesn’t come from your physical appearance. Your beauty is unique to you, and no one can take that away. So if your boyfriend thinks you’re ugly, ask yourself if his opinion is really worth your time and energy.

Embracing My Unique Beauty

Once I stopped caring about what my boyfriend thought of me, I began to truly see my own beauty. I started to embrace my features that I once thought were flaws, and I realized that they were what made me unique. We all have things about ourselves that we wish were different, but those imperfections are what make us who we are. So embrace your uniqueness and let your beauty shine through.

Beauty Standards Are BS

The beauty industry has created unrealistic beauty standards that most of us will never be able to achieve. The models we see in magazines and on social media are heavily photoshopped and airbrushed, making them look almost inhuman. It’s important to remember that these standards are not real and should not be used as a measuring stick for our own beauty. We should focus on being healthy, happy, and confident in our own skin.

Why Love Should Be Blind

When it comes to relationships, love should be blind. If your boyfriend truly loves you, he should be able to see past your physical appearance and appreciate you for who you are as a person. If he can’t do that, then he’s not worth your time. You deserve someone who will love you unconditionally, flaws and all.

Confidence Is Key

The key to feeling beautiful is confidence. When you’re confident in yourself, others will see that beauty radiating from within. It’s okay to have insecurities, but don’t let them take over your life. Focus on the things that make you feel good about yourself and let that confidence shine through.

Lessons Learned from Being Called Ugly

Being called ugly by someone you care about is a painful experience, but it can teach you a lot about yourself. It taught me that my worth doesn’t come from my physical appearance and that I shouldn’t let someone else’s opinion of me define who I am. It also taught me to be kinder to myself and to embrace my unique beauty.

The Power of Self-Love

At the end of the day, the most important thing is to love yourself. When you love yourself, you radiate beauty and confidence, and others will see that. So take care of yourself, both physically and mentally, and embrace your unique beauty. Remember that your worth doesn’t come from your physical appearance, but from who you are as a person.

In conclusion, being called ugly by your boyfriend can be a devastating experience, but it doesn’t have to define you. Remember that beauty is subjective, and your worth doesn’t come from your physical appearance. Embrace your unique beauty, be confident in yourself, and love yourself. You deserve to feel beautiful, inside and out.


  1. Is physical appearance important in a relationship?
    Physical appearance is not the most important factor in a relationship. While it’s important to be physically attracted to your partner, what’s more important is their personality, values, and how they treat you.

  2. How can I improve my self-confidence?
    Improving your self-confidence takes time and effort, but it’s worth it. Start by focusing on your strengths and what makes you unique. Practice positive self-talk and surround yourself with positive people who lift you up.

  3. Should I stay with someone who thinks I’m ugly?
    No, you should not stay with someone who thinks you’re ugly. Your partner should love and appreciate you for who you are, both inside and out. If they can’t do that, then they’re not worth your time.

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