“My Boyfriend Said I Eat Too Much”: How to Tackle this Delicate Issue and Create a Healthier Relationship

What’s Up? What’s The Issue?

Hey Soul Bonding Love,

So, I’m in a bit of a pickle. My boyfriend and I have been dating for about six months now, and for the most part things have been going pretty well. We’re so into each other and we spend lots of time together – going out to dinner, movies, even quiet nights at home with some Netflix and our favorite snacks.

A couple days ago, though, he made a comment that’s really thrown me for a loop. We were sitting on his couch after having feasted on pizza (one of our traditions) when he turned to me and says, “Babe, you eat too much.”

I was totally taken aback! It was like getting the wind knocked out of you; I mean those words came outta nowhere! Honestly, I didn’t know how to react. Was he serious or just joking around? He didn’t seem bothered when he said it but there was this undertone that felt…critical.

See the thing is – yes, I enjoy good food (both cooking and eating), but so does he! And it’s not like I’m overindulging every single day or binge eating my way through our dates. Plus if we look at health wise; my regular gym sessions keep everything in balance. So why would this become an issue now?

Since then it’s hard not to feel self-conscious every time we eat together – which is such a downer because meals used to be something fun for us to share together.

I don’t fancy bringing up something that might turn into an argument but at the same time it’s really bothering me… So tell me Soul Bonding Team what do you think is going on here?

The Raw And Honest Truth I Would Give To My Little Sis…

If you were my little sis, first off, let me tell you that I completely understand why this would be upsetting. When we share these special moments with our partners, the last thing we want is to feel judged or criticized.

Firstly, do remember that everyone says things sometimes that they don’t fully think through. It’s possible he didn’t realize what an impact his words would have on you, and he could be completely unaware of how it’s making you feel now.

The key here is communication. There’s nothing wrong with saying, “Hey, when you said ___ the other day, it made me feel ___.
This kind of statement won’t feel confrontational because it’s more about explaining your feelings rather than attacking him for what he said.

Here’s a reality check, just because your boyfriend says something doesn’t make it true. You have a healthy relationship with food and fitness and if you’re comfortable in your skin then that should be enough.
Don’t let anyone shake your confidence or instill insecurities where there needn’t be any.

Also, remember that what works in one relationship might not work in another – even down to the smallest things like eating habits.
If this becomes a pattern – him criticizing or trying to control how much food you enjoy then honey,that’s a different issue altogether.

In general though,, try not to take his comment too personally.
You guys are still figuring each other out and sure enough there will be some bumps along the way.

So don’t fret too much!
Talk it out calmly when you get a chance but most importantly “Keep enjoying your pizza!” .

Let’s get a deeper analysis, though…

Digging into the “Too Much” Comment

First of all, let’s talk about the phrase that’s been bothering you – “My boyfriend said I eat too much“. You might think he is attacking your personal habits or criticizing your lifestyle. But hey, before you overthink and jump into any conclusions, let’s break it down a bit more.

When someone comments on our habits, particularly something as personal as eating, it’s easy to feel judged or criticized. Believe me; I’ve been there! However, remember his comment might not be rooted in negativity. He may be expressing concern about your health or perhaps he is worried about budgeting if meals out are a frequent date choice.

Where the Comment Might be Coming From

Understanding why someone would express such a thought is crucial. You know him better than anyone else (and hey – better than any Agony Aunt out here!). Here’s something to consider, is he generally a health-conscious person? If so, his concern could stem from wanting to share a healthier lifestyle with you.

On the other hand, if this appears suddenly with no apparent reason then it’s important for us to examine potentially deeper issues – possibly ones that have nothing to do with food at all. Sometimes people project their feelings onto others without realizing it. Insecurity, stress or general struggle coping can lead folks to focus on something else rather than dealing with their problems head-on.

Potential Intent Behind His Words

Now let’s talk about his intention. It’s common for individuals who care about us to worry about our well-being and life choices – especially when they see us indulging frequently (whether in food or anything else).

It’s possible his words came from a place of concern rather than criticism. Even so girl, communication can get messy sometimes; what looks like an attack could just be poorly expressed worry.

Tackling This Delicately

Having unraveled some potential meanings behind his comment doesn’t change how it made you feel – I understand that!.

We need some open dialogue here ladies! Talk about how that comment made you feel – use ‘I’ statements instead of accusing him which leads him defensive: For instance ‘I felt hurt when…’ instead of ‘You were mean when…’.

Opening up this conversation will give him an opportunity to clarify what he meant and maybe even apologize if necessary!

Remember babe – no one has the right to make you feel bad for enjoying your food (or anything else). The key here is balance; allow space for open discussions while maintaining respect and understanding in all aspects of your relationship.

My Boyfriend Said I Eat Too Much: What Next?

What was said has been said… so what next?

When His Words Hit Hard

We’ve all been there, lovely gal, when words feel like a punch in the gut. Your boyfriend just said you eat too much. Ouch! This might make you feel self-conscious or upset.
But remember, everyone has their insecurities. It’s essential to keep in mind that this isn’t about your worth or attractiveness.

Navigating Your Feelings

Alright my darling, it’s time to let those feelings flow. Be it anger, hurt or confusion – they’re all valid and important. Talk it out with someone trustworthy or journal about it if you prefer.
You need this emotional release, and it’s okay to take your time processing your feelings.

Facing the Conversation with Him

So now, you’ve grappled with your emotions and decided it’s time to have a chat. This is an opportunity for growth in your relationship! Honest conversations can lead to deeper understanding.
Approach him calmly and explain how his comment made you feel. Keep the tone neutral – this isn’t about blaming but understanding.

Your Body, Your Rules

Remember babe, this is YOUR body we’re talking about! Only you get a say on what goes into it and how much. It’s absolutely vital that he understands this.
If he doesn’t respect that,… well then sweetheart, we’ve got another conversation on our hands!

Digesting His Response

His reaction may vary – he may apologize immediately or may not understand why his comment hurt you. Either way,

situation isn’t easy peasy!

Weigh his reaction against what you know of him so far.
Bear in mind – no one’s perfect but everyone should be willing to learn.

Possibility of Seeking Professional Help

You might consider professional help if eating habits become a consistent point of contention between both of you.
This could range from reaching out to a nutritionist for advice on harmonizing meal plans to having couple therapy sessions if these discussions are causing strain on the relationship.
The key here is balance!

Moving Forward Together (or Not)

Okay lovey-dovey? The crux of this situation lies within deciding what works for YOU!
If he was open-minded & apologetic during the discussion – great!< If not…well darling-SOMETIMES letting go is an act of power & self-care!.
In conclusion,everyone deserves respect & love –and guess who tops that list honey?You do!


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