Does My Husband Still Find Me Attractive? Here’s How To Tell For Sure

Everyone in a relationship has moments of insecurity.

You may be questioning whether your husband still finds you attractive, even though he hasn’t explicitly said anything to make you think otherwise.

It’s natural for people to question if their partner is still feeling the same way about them as they did when the relationship first began.

The good news is that there are plenty of signs that can tell you if your husband still finds you attractive or not—you just need to know what to look out for!

1. He Compliments You Frequently

One surefire sign that your husband thinks highly of you and finds you attractive is frequent compliments from him about how great you look, no matter what it is that’s making him say nice things about how stunning and beautiful his wife looks today! If he tells you regularly how lovely and amazing he thinks that you are then this could be an indication of underlying attraction towards yourself – so take note!

If your man showers with compliments often then it’s likely because he sees something special in the woman standing before him.

His kind words suggest deeper feelings than just admiration from afar; take heart knowing these comments come from his true emotions rather than mere flattery.

Complimenting someone isn’t always easy but when done honestly and genuinely it can go a long way in showing appreciation for who they really are underneath all those layers – love included!

2. He Can’t Keep His Hands Off Of You

Another sign indicating strong physical attraction between partners is when one can’t keep their hands off each other—even after being married for some time now! This could mean playful tickles during movie night or romantic embraces while walking around town on weekend dates; whatever form these touches may come in, they show genuine affection and desire toward one another which means your husband definitely loves spending quality time with YOU specifically- proving without doubt that yes indeed, my dear reader- he does fancy thee very much so indeedy doo!!

Physical intimacy doesn’t have to be limited either; cuddling up on the couch together watching movies or taking spontaneous trips away together all represent ways couples stay connected through touch – which ultimately leads us back round again (yes!) to our original question: ‘Is my Husband Still Attracted To Me?’ The answer? Yes.



most likely YES!!

3. He Wants To Spend Quality Time With You

One way we can tell if our husbands find us attractive or not is by looking at how much effort they put into wanting spend quality time with us alone – no kids around getting underfoot every five minutes here folks!.

This might mean going out on date nights every week without fail or having regular couple catch ups over coffee where nothing else matters except catching up on each other’s lives- whatever form it takes though ,it shows dedication towards maintaining a healthy relationship full of mutual respect & admiration both inside & outside of the bedroom door too 😉

Quality time spent together doesn’t have to cost money either; playing board games at home after dinner, having picnics outdoors surrounded by nature or exploring local attractions like museums/galleries nearby will all bring couples closer emotionally whilst also showcasing a level of interest never found elsewhere quite like this unique bond shared between two loving partners (especially ones such as yourselves!).

So don’t forget this golden rule peeps: Quality Time + Mutual Respect = Long Lasting Love 😉

4. He Pays Attention To What Matters Most To You

Other indicators related directly back onto whether our spouses continue finding us physically desirable include paying attention to what matters most within life i.

e listening intently upon conversation topics important only unto ourselves such as hobbies/interests etc.

, remembering small details once mentioned months prior & showing support whenever possible i

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