Signs That Your Girlfriend Is Toxic: How To Identify A Toxic Relationship

Signs That Your Girlfriend Is Toxic: How To Identify A Toxic Relationship TLDR
Signs That Your Girlfriend Is Toxic: How To Identify A Toxic Relationship TLDR

1. She Controls You

Controlling behavior is a main sign that your girlfriend is toxic. When someone tries to control you, they typically do this in an attempt to manipulate and dominate the situation.

This can include telling you what to wear, who you should talk to or how much time you spend with them and other people. They may also try to control your finances or make decisions for you without consulting first. If your girlfriend exhibits these behaviors it’s important that she understands boundaries and respects yours if she wants the relationship to continue in a healthy way.

2. Jealousy Becomes A Problem

Jealousy can be normal at times but if it becomes excessive then it’s a sign of toxicity in the relationship.

Your girlfriend might become particularly jealous when you talk about another girl or even just look at her social media profiles, which can lead her into accusing or questioning your loyalty towards her – both of which are signs that something isn’t right.

3. She Is Emotionally Unstable

If your girlfriend has difficulty managing her emotions, such as frequent mood swings from being happy one minute and angry the next then this could be a sign of emotional instability, which indicates something unhealthy happening within the relationship dynamics.

4. She Gaslights You

Gaslighting is when someone manipulates situations so their partner starts doubting themselves and feeling confused about whether they’re overreacting or not; making them question their own sanity in order for their partner’s actions/words/behaviors go unnoticed by others around them.

If your girlfriend often denies things have happened (even though they did), gives false information on purpose while trying hard to convince others (including yourself) otherwise – then these are all red flags that indicate gaslighting behavior.

5. She Has Double Standards

Double standards simply mean treating two people differently despite similar circumstances, where one person gets away with certain behaviors while consequences apply more harshly against another person.

For example, if she lies but doesn’t hold herself accountable yet expects full accountability from you – this would constitute double standards. Similarly, if she has expectations regarding commitment levels yet fails to meet those same expectations herself – again double standards come into play here too.

Double standards indicate an imbalance of power between partners and usually lean more heavily toward favoring one person over another; so keep an eye out for any signs like this as they’re definitely indicative of toxicity within relationships!

6. Her Friends Are Toxic Too

Having friends who are toxic themselves is often a good indicator that somebody else close by could potentially be either exhibiting those same types of behaviors, attitudes or dangerous belief systems too if it wasn’t already obvious enough from earlier points mentioned above!

So always pay attention not only to what friends say but also how their conversations flow amongst each other – because sometimes we don’t realize our own bad habits until pointed out by somebody else!

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