Is Our Relationship Toxic? 5 Warning Signs To Look Out For

Is Our Relationship Toxic? 5 Warning Signs To Look Out For

Nobody wants to be in a toxic relationship, but sometimes it can be hard to spot the warning signs.

If you’re asking yourself if your current boyfriend or girlfriend is poisoning your relationship, then read on for five possible indicators that things are not as they should be.

1. They Make You Feel Uncomfortable

We all have different ideas of what makes us feel comfortable in relationships, but if your partner consistently makes you feel awkward and uncomfortable in their presence, then this could indicate an unhealthy dynamic between the two of you.

This could manifest itself through verbal aggression and intimidation, frequent outbursts and arguments or even physical violence – none of which is acceptable behaviour from any romantic partner.

The only way to combat this kind of toxicity is by firmly standing up for yourself when something unacceptable occurs; doing so will demonstrate that such behaviour won’t be tolerated anymore and hopefully encourage them to change their ways before further damage is done.

2. They Disrespect Your Boundaries

Your boundaries should always be respected by any romantic partner; if yours isn’t respecting them then this could point towards a larger issue with how they perceive respect within the relationship itself.

It’s important that both parties communicate openly about what each other deems acceptable behaviour so nobody feels violated during interactions with one another – especially when it comes down to intimacy issues like consenting sexual activity or discussing previous partners publicly without permission first being granted by all involved parties beforehand.


Respectful communication is key here: setting clear boundaries around acceptable topics/behaviours can help ensure everyone’s needs are met while also preventing either party feeling disrespected during conversations or activities together – thus keeping toxicity at bay!

3. There’s No Trust

Trust forms an integral part of any healthy relationship: without trust no meaningful connection can exist between two people over time because doubt has taken hold due its absence instead! Tell-tale signs include hiding phone calls/text messages from each other constantly; always accusing one another falsely without evidence; refusing to let go off past hurts (intentional and unintentional alike) etc.

, all these behaviours serve as red flags indicating something deeper may need looking into before continuing further down the path together.


Rebuilding trust begins by talking openly about why someone may have lost faith initially – understanding where each person stands & why helps bridge divides built up due mistrust quickly & effectively too! Once again communication remains paramount here: empathising with one another’s feelings goes a long way & trying understand motivations behind certain actions serves equally beneficial purposes when working towards rebuilding lost trust again too!.

4. You Constantly Bicker About Little Things

Constant bickering points towards underlying problems in relationships : maybe there’s unresolved resentment bubbling away beneath surface level interactions? Or some sort of power imbalance present making disagreements more likely than usual ? Whatever reason , bickering usually indicates bigger issues needing addressed otherwise nothing will ever get resolved properly ! Taking breaks after arguments happens naturally , but try avoid stewing on said conflict afterwards ; getting closure via productive dialogue proves much healthier overall.

Additionally , make sure conflicts don ‘t become personalised attacks against character traits / physical attributes either : stick solely addressing actual core points disagreement themselves rather than going off onto tangents which ultimately avoid real solutions being reached.

5. Jealousy Is Rampant

Insecurity often leads jealousy becoming rampant inside relationships & causes unnecessary tension between couples who would otherwise remain blissfully unaware anything was wrong ! Keeping open lines communication clear throughout dating process definitely helps prevent jealous flare ups happening since everybody knows exactly what expectations are expected from both sides accordingly.

Not making assumptions concerning others’ intentions works similarly well too whilst remaining aware potential triggers become activated inside oneself whenever uncomfortable situations occur provide opportunities tackling underlying issues head on head forthwith allowing couple move past problem areas gracefully ease.



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