Is My Partner On Dating Sites? Here’s How To Find Out…

Check Their Phone

The first and most important step to finding out if your partner is on dating sites is by checking their phone.

This can be done in a few ways, such as checking their web browser history or looking through their text messages.

If you find any suspicious activity, it’s likely that they are using a dating site or app.

You should also take note of any apps that have been recently downloaded onto the device as these could indicate which dating website they are using.

You may not be able to access all of the information on the device due to privacy settings, but even taking a quick look at recent searches and downloads will give you an indication of what type of activities your partner has been up to online.

It’s always best to confront them with this evidence rather than accuse them without proof so that you don’t end up making false accusations or causing unnecessary tension between you two.

Check Social Media Accounts

Another way to determine whether your partner is active on dating websites is by checking their social media accounts.

Many people use platforms like Facebook and Instagram for more than just keeping in touch with friends – many post about relationships, share pictures from dates and tag each other in posts about romantic getaways! While there isn’t necessarily anything wrong with this kind of behavior (unless it goes beyond flirting), it could indicate that your partner is looking for something more than just friendship online – so keep an eye out for signs such as these when browsing through profiles and posts!

It’s also worth noting that some people might not be actively posting about relationships or tagging themselves in places where they’re having fun; instead, they might simply use social media platforms as another way to message potential partners privately – so pay attention if your significant other suddenly becomes very secretive when accessing certain apps on their phone!

Search Online For Profiles

If you suspect that your loved one is active on multiple different types of websites then searching online can help confirm this suspicion too! By typing in specific keywords related to their name into search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, Bing etc.

, you’ll be able to view any profiles associated with those keywords – including ones created specifically for meeting potential partners via various internet services/dating sites etc.


It’s worth mentioning here though: make sure not to invade someone’s privacy during this process – respect data protection laws before diving headfirst into snooping around!

Signs To Look Out For

If you think your significant other may be involved in activities behind closed doors then there are certain signs which suggest cheating-type behaviour… These include becoming distant from family members (especially parents) and being extremely secretive when talking over the phone/text messaging etc.


They may also start dressing differently; wearing clothes which would usually seem inappropriate for work/leisure purposes e.

g tight clothing or low cut tops… Additionally, changes within routine habits (such as going out late night more often than usual) could potentially point towards unfaithful tendencies too – although again we must stress: check facts & evidence first before jumping ahead!

Talk To Them Directly >

Finally: if after following all steps above nothing concrete was found then perhaps consider confronting them directly? However please remember: communication needs handling delicately here otherwise things could quickly spiral downwards… In conclusion: whilst finding out if someone close us doing something untoward behind our back can feel emotionally overwhelming sometimes we must understand how important trust plays within relationship dynamics & ensure full transparency between both parties moving forward regardless outcomes discovered along journey taken together!.

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